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Anni Blog September 5, 2015

Hello to All! I’m a tad late in getting the September News out to y’all, but here’s why you should forgive my tardiness: I was hired for a new job at a new school (same district) the day before staff began school (8/26)! AND… I had surgery on my left hand Thursday (9/3) due to a tendon rupture… yikes! I write you now with one hand, the other in cast & sling, icing every hour & taking Percocet every 4 hours… forgive me further for any typos! Considering my new state of being, the news is short, not so sweet, but soon to be sweet, productive & musical again…

1. SEPTEMBER “NON-LIST” (cancellations)

1. SEPTEMBER “NON-LIST” (cancellations)

SOOOO SORRY, but these gigs are off the books:
FRI, SEPT 11 - Green Landing Lodge - East Boothbay ME - 7PM
FRI, SEPT 18 - Ocean Pizza - Old Orchard Beach ME - 7PM


Ya gotta keep your sense of hue-mah in tact no mattah what. I met my soon-to-be hand surgeon a little over a week before I was scheduled to have surgery for a ruptured tendon in my left hand… same wrist I broke 5 years ago while dancing in the kitchen… some of you remember this? I surely will never forget. Back then, they put 2 titanium plates in my wrist with a couple of screws to make certain the healing was steadfastly kept in place. 5 years later, it seems that the plates kinda wore away at the tendon working back & forth beneath them… my fretboard hand, mind you. I had felt some sensitivity in that wrist for a couple of weeks when, one night, I tried to unfasten the clip on a hair barrette & I felt something “let go” in the weirdest, most surrealistic, painful & unfathomable way… it brought me to tears & to my knees.

Weeks later, after X-rays, consultations & being kept “on hold” for numerous numbers of minutes (totaling maybe a couple of hours in the final analysis, often times with “bad music” playing)… I was finally gifted with an appointment with my current Orthopedic Doctor who specializes in hand surgeries. In HIS office, we discussed many things… I learned he was a guitar player… we talked Martins, 12 strings vs. 6 strings, open tunings… I knew I was in the right place at long last. So here’s the note I pinned to my hospital gown when I went to prep for surgery (Sept. 3rd)…

Note to Surgeon (pinned to my hospital gown)

I think Dr. Scott got it right. In about 10 days I’ll begin hand therapy & make my way slowly back to playing my guitar(s) again. In the days ahead, as fall replaces summahtime, send me some healing vibes & send messages out to the universe that I’ll be hummin’ & strummin’ before we cook turkeys in November. As always, I appreciate your support… in things musical, spiritual, physical & all things in between. Y’all are the best for staying tuned in, no matter what the scenario… Have a wonderful September… Indian Summer days are here… hope to see some of you one way or another during this glorious time of year.


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CANCELED 11 - Green Landing Lodge - E Boothbay ME - 7PM
CANCELED 18 - Ocean Pizza - Old Orchard Beach ME - 7PM - 207-934-2900

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