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Anni Blog December 1, 2016

Hello to All! I can’t believe it’s November. So soon, Thanksgiving is behind & the Christmas holiday looms large. I have 5 shows on the books in December prior to Christmas, each one special, family friendly & not far from my home… so, if Ma Nature gets testy, I should be able to make all my gigs & I’m hoping some of you will do the same! I know y’all are inundated with mail this month, so let’s get right to the scoop, in this order:

1. THE DEC / JAN SHORT LIST (Date, Venue, Time Only)
2. TARGET GIGS (Full Details)

1. THE DEC / JAN SHORT LIST (Date, Venue, Time Only)

FRI, DEC 2 / JJ’s / Old Orchard Beach ME / 6:30PM
FRI, DEC 7 / Gather / Yarmouth ME / 6:30PM
FRI, DEC 9 / The Cowbell / Biddeford ME / 7PM
THURS, DEC 15 / Lenny’s / Westbrook ME / 7PM
FRI, DEC 16 / Toddy Brook / N Yarmouth ME / 6PM
THURS, JAN 12 / Lenny’s / Westbrook ME / 7PM
FRI, JAN 13 / Toddy Brook / N Yarmouth ME / 6PM

2. TARGET GIGS (Full Details)

FRIDAY / DECEMBER 2nd / JJ’S EATERY / OLD ORCHARD BEACH ME / 6:30PM / 207-934-0222… this is a fave hang for the locals, including yours truly. I play every OTHER 1st Friday & I always arrive with bells on, as they say. JJ’s staff & patrons are really into the holidays, so wear your red & green & come on down with a festive spirit. This is an all ages hang with great food & beverages… a fun spot for sure to celebrate Christmas & New Year’s! I suggest y’all come early & stay late! Here’s their [website].

WEDNESDAY / DECEMBER 7th / GATHER / YARMOUTH ME / 6:30PM / 207-847-3250… an upscale yet laid back & earthy place to gather, eat & imbibe in local fare, inclusive of the music they offer. July 6th was my debut at Gather, set in my home town, right there on Main Street near the Rt 1 overpass. This used to be the Masonic Hall way back when… the stage where I performed several times as a much younger self is now an open air kitchen, where tasty, eye appealing menus are created 6 days a week. Reservations can be taken for parties of 6 or more… trust me, this place is always busy… so if you don’t score a reservation, come early to be guaranteed a seat. This will be gig # 2 here for me… hope to continue bookings here in 2017! Your coming might insure my return… Here’s the [website].

FRIDAY / DECEMBER 9th / THE COWBELL / BIDDEFORD ME / 7PM / 207-284-2355… read about this new biz in the local paper… it caught my interest, so I gathered up some gal pals & met them here for Happy Hour. The venue is aesthetically appealing… lots of wood & open space, the food is awesome, the staff is friendly & funny… AND they have music! They call themselves “The Cowbell Burger Bar” for good reason… specializing in gourmet, design-your-own burgers, they also have vegetarian & GF options. I hear the Sunday Brunch is great, too. Almost right across from the Happy Dragon, this new addition to Biddeford’s Main Street is easy to find & really worth checking out… please do so on my debut gig Dec. 9th! Here’s a link to [The Cowbell on Facebook].

THURSDAY / DECEMBER 15th / LENNY’S / WESTBROOK / 7PM / 207-591-0117… y’all in southern ME have been hearing about Lenny’s, right? If not, you must be working too hard… you need to take a break & check it out. It’s located on Rt. 302 at the old Al Hawkes Plaza… you know, with the guy out front swinging a tool box? The history of this venue is amazing… on a recent visit, I got to hang with Al Hawkes himself & laugh about old times when we followed one another on stages at Festivals throughout Maine. Bill Umbel created this eclectic, down-to-earth new venue, named it in honor of the late, great Lenny Breau & booked a line up of some of the best acoustic players around…. so happy to be joining the family! Remember the old Raoul’s on Forest Ave in Portland? (Heck, I had 3 CD Release parties there… a fave place, for sure. STILL MISS IT!) Well, I told Bill that Lenny’s reminds me of a small version of Raoul’s… the vibe here pulls you in & hugs you… feels like home. Grab some pals & head out for my debut on 12/15 OK? I hope to become a regular at this spot… cos, it feels like home to me. Here’s a link to [Lenny’s].

FRIDAY / DECEMBER 16th (and JANUARY 13th) / TODDY BROOK GOLF COURSE / N YARMOUTH ME / 6PM / 207-829-5100… This is a Golf Club Venue & Restaurant with a small bar area & lots of windows in the room where I’ll be singin’. EVERY TIME I play here is such a great time! So Chris (the owner) & I have decided we need to do it once a month. I’m a Yarmouth native… this spot is just over the town line in N Yarmouth, but it feels like home to me. The food’s great, the view’s inspiring, the people are wicked friendly & my voice floats nicely in this room. You might consider calling in a reservation… I’ve seen some pretty packed nights in here! Here’s the Toddy Brook [website].

THURSDAY / JANUARY 12th / LENNY’S / WESTBROOK / 7PM / 207-591-0117… (see DECEMBER 15th for details.)

FRIDAY / JANUARY 13th / TODDY BROOK GOLF COURSE / N YARMOUTH ME / 6PM / 207-829-5100… (see DECEMBER 16th for details.)

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November was another travel month for me. I drove to Cape Cod for an intimate & wonderful house concert at my friend Linda Cullum’s place in W Dennis MA. It was plenty warm when the sun was out mid-day, so we had an opportunity to jump in a couple kayaks before prepping for the evening concert. I was awed by the late fall colors & the peaceful turning of the river path from Linda’s home to the beach where the ocean opened up on Nantucket Sound. We only flirted with the ocean waves long enough to get the adrenaline going, then we headed back to calmer waters. I took this picture from Linda’s deck, where we had put the kayaks in for our little jaunt out to the sea:

Sunset on Swan River, W Dennis MA

What a perfect setting for a social hour with apps, wine & good friends! The concert itself was up close & personal, unplugged & lovely in Linda’s living room, rearranged to accommodate everyone comfortably. The post concert dinner was beyond yummy & the social hour continued into the wee hours (for some of us.) I was thankful that we put the clocks back an hour that night, allowing a little extra sleep before hitting the road back to Maine the next morning. Did I tell you I LOVE house concerts???? Thank You Linda & to all who attended!

The next weekend I headed back to MA to meet up with gal pals in Gloucester MA for a long overdue hang that involved a lot of good food & catching up on each others’ lives… I even got a tour of downtown, seaside Gloucester, complete with a visit to the famed Crow’s Nest bar, made famous in the book & movie ”The Perfect Storm.” Talk about some local cullah… we were welcomed with open arms & had a lot of laughs there.

Without much time back at home, I was on the road heading north to Moosehead Lake for Thanksgiving. The closer I got to Rockwood, the more snow lay on the ground. I took my first walk in fresh snow when I arrived at my destination & I couldn’t help but think about the old song “to grandmother’s house we go”… although I was lakeside & the Kennebec River was behind me, I still caught myself singing:

Over the river & through the woods

I was head chef for dinner for 5, so much of my time for 3 days up there was spent in the kitchen with music cranked & with breaks for walks & wistful dreaming out the windows. I made enough turkey stock to put away on the day after Thanksgiving to keep us in soup for quite some time… I LOVE Thanksgiving dinner, mind you… but my favorite part is the soup after the big day is over. Thankfully, the walks along the lake allowed me to shed the feeling of overindulgence:

Moosehead Lake & Mt Kineo, Thanksgiving 2016

I am writing on the last day of November, wondering where December will take us… hoping for smooth travels for those of us who will be on the road or flying to be with loved ones. My wish for all of us as we move toward the inevitable dawning of a brand New Year is that we find some peaceful moments in the coming weeks, we find time to be with the ones we love & that we find time to reach out to those who have so much less than most of us during this time of giving. May our goal be to reach out & continue giving of ourselves into 2017, even after holiday memories begin to fade. I am ever thankful to all of you who continue to read my ramblings & watch for gigs near you… Merry Christmas to All!


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7 - Gather - Yarmouth ME - 6:30PM - 207-847-3250
9 - The Cowbell - Biddeford ME - 7PM - 207-284-2355
15 - Lenny’s - Westbrook ME - 7PM - 207-591-0117
16 - Toddy Brook - N Yarmouth ME - 6PM - 207-829-5100


12 - Lenny’s - Westbrook - 7PM - 207-591-0117
13 - Toddy Brook - N Yarmouth ME - 6PM - 207-829-5100

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