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Anni Blog August 1, 2017

Hello to All! Can you believe it? Wherever you are, I hope y’all are experiencing some joy this summah! If not, I’m sending some joy your way from the beautiful, bountiful state of Maine. I’ve had a multitude of opportunities to perform in a wide variety of venues, both indoors & out… many more lie just ahead, inclusive of my 1st ever performance at The National Appalachian Trail Conference happening at Colby College in Waterville this month (Aug 8th, 8PM, Lorimer Chapel) & my annual sojourn to the intimate & funky Drummore Bay Concert Hall in Phippsburg (Tues, Aug 15th, 7PM)… JJ’s, Toddy Brook, Lenny’s, Ocean Pizza… I’ll hit them all in due time this month. In addition to listed public performances, I continue to share my music in many Senior Living Centers in southern & mid-Maine… many of these concerts are for residents only, so I only list the “public” venues… without furthers, here’s all the news, in this order:

1. THE AUG/SEPT SHORT LIST (Date, Venue, Time Only)
2. TARGET GIGS (Full Details)

1. THE AUG/SEPT SHORT LIST (Date, Venue, Time Only)

FRI, AUG 4 / JJ’s / Old Orchard Beach ME / 7PM
WED, AUG 9 / Colby College / Waterville ME / 8PM
     (at the Annual Appalachian Trail National Conference!)
FRI, AUG 11 / Toddy Brook / N Yarmouth ME / 6PM
MON, AUG 14 / Lake Pemaquid Campground / Damariscotta ME / 7:30PM
     (sorry, for campers only!)
TUES, AUG 15 / Drummore Bay Concert Hall / Phippsburg ME / 7PM
     (Reservations strongly suggested… Ticket info in Targets Section)
THURS, AUG 17 / Lenny’s / Westbrook ME / 7PM
FRI, AUG 18 / Ocean Pizza / Old Orchard Beach ME / 7PM

AUG 26 thru SEPT 5: Anni’s end-of-summah Moosehead Lake vacation!

THURS, SEPT 7 / Lenny’s / Westbrook ME / 7PM
FRI, SEPT 8 / Toddy Brook / N Yarmouth ME / 6PM
FRI, SEPT 15 / Biddeford-Saco Country Club / Saco ME / 6:30PM
FRI, SEPT 22 / Ocean Pizza / Old Orchard Beach ME / 7PM
FRI, SEPT 29 / JJ’s / Old Orchard Beach ME / 6:30PM

SEPT 30 thru OCT 9: Eric & Anni’s Maine Mountains Adventure!

2. TARGET GIGS (Full Details)

FRIDAY / AUGUST 4th (& SEPTEMBER 29th) / JJ’S EATERY / OLD ORCHARD BEACH ME / 7PM / 207-934-0222… have you BEEN HERE yet? This is a fave year round hang for the locals, including yours truly. I play every other 1st Friday & I always arrive with bells on, as they say. It’s an all ages friendly venue with great food & beverages… a fun spot to celebrate anything, everything or nothing at all! I suggest y’all come early & stay late… Here’s their website.

WEDNESDAY / AUGUST 9th / COLBY COLLEGE / WATERVILLE ME / 8PM / I am that evening’s performer at the Annual Appalachian Trail National Conference!... The Conference runs August 4 through 11, hosting a vast variety of activities & presentations, inclusive of many hiking opportunities in our beautiful state of Maine. Having through hiked the trail, Maine to Georgia, way back in 1975 (when maybe 300 people had done it end-to-end!) I am excited & honored to be one of this year’s performers… surely, there will be much talk about the trail experience in between songs. They listed me in the flyer as “Bluegrass & Folk”… NOT! I call it “Folk, Pop ’n Blues with a dash of Maine Huemah.” Hope folks who are checking out my website read this… I would HATE to disappoint the Bluegrass Fans in any way! Check out the Conference website here for directions, a list of activities & applications to sign up for different events. I am beyond excited about this one! Think I’ll bring the hiking staff I created from a piece of birch I found in the woods of VT in 1975… I still use it!

FRIDAY / AUGUST 11th (& SEPTEMBER 8th) / TODDY BROOK GOLF COURSE / N YARMOUTH ME / 6PM / 207-829-5100… EVERY TIME I play here we all have such a great time! I’ll be playing every 2nd FRIDAY, every month. (That’s a lot of everys.) I’m a Yarmouth native… this spot is just over the town line in N Yarmouth, but it feels like home to me. The food’s great, the view’s inspiring, the people are wicked friendly & my voice floats nicely in this room. You might consider calling in a reservation… I’ve seen some pretty packed nights in here! Here’s the Toddy Brook website.

TUESDAY / AUGUST 15th / DRUMMORE BAY CONCERT HALL / PHIPPSBURG ME / 7PM / 207-446-7199... This is a TRULY COOL VENUE! My 5th show here I think… they can’t keep me away! My friend & fellow musician Jackson Gay & his wife Jean purchased this building with a vision for all good things happening, mostly musically involved. Jack put in a really great sound system… my voice feels like a million bucks in here. Between my musical sets, decadent pies & other gourmet desserts, coffee & tea will be available to make a sweet night even sweeter. The venue is at 516 Main Rd (Rt 209 out of Bath)… easy to find. RESERVATIONS are strongly encouraged. You can call Jean at 207-446-7199 or order tix from the website here.

THURSDAY / AUGUST 17th (& SEPTEMBER 7th) / LENNY’S / WESTBROOK ME / 7PM / 207-591-0117… Lenny’s is on Rt. 302 at the old Al Hawkes Plaza… you know, with the guy out front swinging a tool box? Bill Umbel created this eclectic, down-to-earth venue, named it in honor of the late, great Lenny Breau & he’s booking a line up of some of the best acoustic players around…. so happy to be part of the family! The vibe here pulls you in & hugs you… feels like home. Grab some pals & head over… bring your appetite for food & music both. Here’s a link to Lenny’s.

FRIDAY / AUGUST 18th (& SEPTEMBER 22nd) / OCEAN PIZZA / OLD ORCHARD BEACH ME / 7PM / 207-934-2900… one of several close-to-my-home faves; yet THIS ONE has one feature that all the others do not… Pam (the owner & French chef extraordinaire) will NOT allow any cover tunes to be played here! Yep, you read that right, folks… it’s ALL ANNI TUNES here… which is brilliant in so many ways… but for ME? I get to run through my catalogue of originals, dust off the ones in the library that may be on the back burner of my brain & re-experience all those songs I haven’t been performing in rooms where covers need to be part of the mix. Fabulous idea & so much fun. And the food? Pam stole her Grandma’s recipes before she crossed over from Italy to the US (lucky us in OOB!) If you ain’t tried it, the time is now… here’s their website.

THURSDAY / SEPTEMBER 7th / LENNY’S / WESTBROOK ME / 7PM / 207-591-0117… (see AUGUST 17th for details.)

FRIDAY / SEPTEMBER 8th / TODDY BROOK GOLF COURSE / N YARMOUTH ME / 6PM / 207-829-5100… (see AUGUST 11th for details.)

FRIDAY / SEPTEMBER 15th / BIDDEFORD-SACO COUNTRY CLUB / SACO ME / 6:30PM / 207-282-9892… I’ve been aware of this venue for quite some time but it took a while for me to catch up to the right person to land a gig here. My debut in May was flat out fun as all get out! This is a spacious room with views of the grounds, great food & gregarious, life lovin’ patrons. Never been? You’ll probably run into all kinds of people you know if you come out for this one… I play 3 sets, 6:30 to 9:30… come early, have dinner, stay late… here’s their website.

FRIDAY / SEPTEMBER 22nd / OCEAN PIZZA / OLD ORCHARD BEACH ME / 7PM / 207-934-2900… (see AUGUST 18th for details)

FRIDAY / SEPTEMBER 29th / JJ’S EATERY / OLD ORCHARD BEACH ME / 7PM / 207-934-0222… (see AUGUST 4th for details)

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If summer is a race horse, I am pullin’ back on the reins, wanting to slow to a relaxed trot… I wanna soak in the scenery around me, take time to smell the earth, the trees, the sea… I wanna eat native Maine corn & pick blueberries & climb more mountains, play more outdoor concerts. It’s August already!

July was a big swoosh of music, friends, family & a whole buncha outdoor adventures. I’d like to think I’ve been using my time wisely. I got to climb to one of several fave spots on my birthday weekend:

NH White Mountains from Kearsarge North

En route home from the hike, we heard Cheryl Wheeler’s gorgeous song “Driving Home” on the Mount Washington Valley Radio station as we passed open fields with mountains surrounding us on all sides, light streaming in through open windows… it was the icing on my birthday cake. The day after the hike, I had an awesome evening performing outdoors at the Poland Spring Resort. The weather was perfect for it. Soon after, I spent several days in the Boothbay Region playin’ music, catchin’ up with old friends, meetin’ new ones & feastin’ on some of the best food the coast of Maine has to offer:

Kickin’ Back with Niki in Boothbay Hahbah

We even crashed the open mic at “Mine Oyster” where I got to play a bunch of tunes with fellow musicians… what a blast! It was energizing to sit in with those folks. Next, I found myself at The Yarmouth Clam Fest singin’, dancin’, seein’ all kinds of classmates from way back when. 3 nights of fun there in my hometown… then swoosh, I’m up on top of the world again, looking out over Moosehead Lake & all those ridges of rolling summer green:

A View of Moosehead Lake from Big Squaw Mountain

And these snapshots are only a few of many, the best of which are not even captured on camera, of course. Summer in New England is a feeling, not so much a view. The energy here is different during July & August; thus, I pull in the reins… it’s all so delicious & fleeting… & even though my absolute favorite season awaits me in September & October, I still wanna slow things down. But alas, summer is a race horse… climb on for the ride, my friends… I’ll watch for you along the way!


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14 - Lake Pemaquid Campground - Damariscotta ME - 7:30PM
     (sorry, campers only)
15 - Drummore Bay Concert Hall - Phippsburg ME - 7PM - 207-446-7199
17 - Lenny’s - Westbrook ME - 7PM - 207-591-0177
18 - Ocean Pizza - Old Orchard Beach ME - 7PM - 207-934-2900

7 - Lenny’s - Westbrook ME - 7PM - 207-591-0177
8 - Toddy Brook - N Yarmouth ME - 6PM - 207-829-9892
15 - Biddeford-Saco Country Club - Saco ME - 6:30PM - 207-282-9892
22 - Ocean Pizza - Old Orchard Beach ME - 7PM - 207-934-2900
29 - JJ’s - Old Orchard Beach ME - 6:30PM - 207-934-0222

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