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Anni Blog January 2, 2017

Happy New Year to you all! I am tweaking my 2017 calendar for hanging, with all the important dates noted & wondering where the heck did 2016 go? Parts of it dragged a tad it seemed, but then, woah… time to pull down the Christmas tree & get back to work. I am thankful that my “work” involves sharing my music & my creativity. In 2017, in addition to the gigs listed here, I will begin to share my songs & stories in some assisted living & nursing homes in my area. Several friends & fellow musicians suggested that I would LOVE doing this & they are absolutely right. I have already experienced the joy of performing in this environment… the gift I give returns to me in big ways… so I am exploring the possibilities of adding more of these shows in the coming months. Meanwhile, the shows I would LOVE to see y’all attend are listed here along with my Current Cerebral Wanderings, in this order:

1. THE JAN / FEB SHORT LIST (Date, Venue, Time Only)
2. TARGET GIGS (Full Details)

1. THE JAN / FEB SHORT LIST (Date, Venue, Time Only)

THURS, JAN 12 / Lenny’s / Westbrook ME / 7PM
FRI, JAN 13 / Toddy Brook / N Yarmouth ME / 6PM
FRI, FEB 3 / JJ’s / Old Orchard Beach ME / 6:30PM
FRI, FEB 10 / Toddy Brook / N Yarmouth ME / 6PM
SAT, FEB 11 / Elements / Biddeford ME / 8PM
THURS, FEB 16 / Lenny’s / Westbrook ME / 7PM
SAT, FEB 18 / The Cowbell / Biddeford ME / 7PM

2. TARGET GIGS (Full Details)

THURSDAY / JANUARY 12th (& FEBRUARY 16th) / LENNY’S / WESTBROOK / 7PM / 207-591-0117… Lenny’s is on Rt. 302 at the old Al Hawkes Plaza… you know, with the guy out front swinging a tool box? Bill Umbel created this eclectic, down-to-earth venue, named it in honor of the late, great Lenny Breau & he’s booking a line up of some of the best acoustic players around…. so happy to be joining the family! Remember the old Raoul’s on Forest Ave in Portland? (Heck, I had 3 CD Release parties there… STILL MISS IT!) Well, I told Bill that Lenny’s reminds me of “a small Raoul’s”… the vibe here pulls you in & hugs you… feels like home. Grab some pals & head over… bring your appetite for food & music both. Here’s a link to Lenny’s.

FRIDAY / JANUARY 13th (& FEBRUARY 10th) / TODDY BROOK GOLF COURSE / N YARMOUTH ME / 6PM / 207-829-5100… EVERY TIME I play here we all have such a great time! In 2017, I’ll be playing EVERY 2nd FRIDAY, every month. I’m a Yarmouth native… this spot is just over the town line in N Yarmouth, but it feels like Yarmouth to me. The food’s great, the view’s inspiring, the people are wicked friendly & my voice floats nicely in this room. You might consider calling in a reservation… I’ve seen some pretty packed nights in here! Here’s the Toddy Brook website.

FRIDAY / FEBRUARY 3rd / JJ’S EATERY / OLD ORCHARD BEACH ME / 6:30PM / 207-934-0222… this is a fave year round hang for the locals, including yours truly. I play every OTHER 1st Friday & I always arrive with bells on, as they say. This is an all ages friendly venue with great food & beverages… a fun spot to celebrate anything, everything or nothing! I suggest y’all come early & stay late… Here’s their website.

FRIDAY / FEBRUARY 10th / TODDY BROOK GOLF COURSE / N YARMOUTH ME / 6PM / 207-829-5100… (see JAN. 13th for details.)

SATURDAY / FEBRUARY 11th / ELEMENTS / BIDDEFORD ME / 8PM / 207-710-2011… If you’re a fan of intimate spaces where artist & audience can easily connect, this is the place for you. It is DEFINITELY the place for ME! The food offerings are eclectic & healthy & YES, they have beer & wine. Performers are paid by tips & a percentage of food & bar sales… so bring your friends, eat, drink, sing along & make our collaborative evening a big success for all…. I ALWAYS look forward to this one! Here’s their website.

THURSDAY / FEBRUARY 16th / LENNY’S / WESTBROOK / 7PM / 207-591-0117… (see JAN. 12th for details.)

SATURDAY / FEBRUARY 18th / THE COWBELL / BIDDEFORD ME / 7PM / 207-284-2355… I played here for the first time in December, had a blast, so I’m goin’ back. This place has an immediate aesthetic appeal… lots of wood & open space, the food is awesome & the staff is friendly & funny. They call themselves “The Cowbell Burger Bar” for good reason… specializing in gourmet, design-your-own burgers, they also have vegetarian & GF options. Almost right across from the Happy Dragon, this new addition to Biddeford’s Main Street is easy to find & really worth checking out… Here’s a link to The Cowbell.

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2016 was fairly tumultuous in many ways for many people, round the globe. Some of us are worried about heading into the New Year under new leadership here in America as of January 20th. No matter which opinions we hold individually, we are where we are & there’s nothing to do but move forward & continue to be the best selves we can be. Per usual, I write with a vision of silver linings after a stormy year. I need to believe we are ready & able to make changes that keep us on the road to fulfilling & meaningful lives… to think otherwise would be fruitless.

When the world gets too big for me, I find peace & beauty in the outdoors… this has always been my go to place to refresh myself… well, THAT & music, friends & family. On a recent winter morning, after a big snow, I found myself outdoors with eyes wide to an enchanted world of white in the woods behind my condo here in Old Orchard Beach. WOW… it was sooo peaceful out there… snow crystals sparkling like jewels, the sun peaking through endless rows of snow laden trees. I had to remind myself to breathe… I didn’t want to disturb the quiet magic of it all:

“Welcome Sunshine after the Snow”

It brings me hope, respect for something so much bigger than myself… it calms me & helps me to be a better me when I get back to the daily moving about through a life of learning, a life of creativity & appreciation for the things that make life so wonderful.

Whatever it takes for each of you to remain focused, to be the best you can be as we begin 2017, may you be granted the time to do those things… time for soulful moments that keep you on a path of hope & appreciation. Personally, I have no New Year’s resolutions other than to keep on singing, writing, walking through the woods, to the tops of the mountains & to spend more time with friends & family. May we continue to practice kindness & reach out to all who need our touch… may we believe in & look for the sliver lining if one is needed. May we be thankful, as I am for all of you who continue to read my ramblings. I look forward to seeing you along the way during the upcoming year.


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17 - JJ’s - Old Orchard Beach ME - 6:30PM - 207-934-0222
10 - Toddy Brook - N Yarmouth ME - 6PM - 207-829-5100
11 - Elements - Biddeford ME - 8PM - 207-710-2011
16 - Lenny’s - Westbrook ME - 7PM - 207-591-0177
18 - The Cowbell - Biddeford ME - 7PM - 207-284-2355

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